garantia.jpg1. The warranty period for all of SINICON's own products (factory defects) is 10 years. The warranty period starts from the date of manufacture indicated on the product. If the production date cannot be determined, the warranty period is 7 years and is calculated from the date of purchase or installation or commissioning. Any of these events must be documented.
2. All SINICON products must be installed in accordance with the national technical regulations, rules and recommendations of the manufacturer. In the absence of official standards, it is necessary to follow the installation recommendations given in the technical documentation of SINICON LLC.
3. Operating conditions (for example: pressure, temperature, characteristics of the transported liquid, etc.) must correspond to the values specified in the state technical standards or in the technical documentation of sinikon LLC.
4. Not guaranteed
compatibility of products of production of LLC SINIKON with products of other producers which do not possess the required technical characteristics is considered. The tightness of the system in connection with products of other manufacturers is not guaranteed.
5. The warranty does not cover defects resulting from a violation of the rules of transportation, storage or installation. It is not allowed to use products that have visible defects at the time of installation or testing of the system.
6. During the warranty period, any material damage to the property caused by the factory defect of pipes and/or fittings will be refunded. The presence of the defect must be confirmed by the result of technical expertise.
7. Compensation for damage is carried out under the contract of civil liability insurance between sinikon LLC and ROSGOSSTRAKH JSC within the amount of 5 000 000 rubles.
8. Failure to comply with any condition listed in the tou. 2-5 releases SINIKON LLC from any liability in respect of damage to property.

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